SFedU Students Enlightened Schoolkids about the History and Culture of Cuba

Spanish Language and Culture Club “Hispanistas” held its meeting in gymnasium №52 on the 5th of May within the framework of IIIEIAS´s vocational guidance project “Integration of school and university as a tool for creating competences of students”.

The event attended by 7th year students of gymnasium was dedicated to the topic of culture and geography of Cuba. The meeting was conducted by 4th year philology students Podoynikova Darya, Nikolaeva Eleonora, Cherepova Darya, Yakimenko Anastasiya, Asadchih Ekaterina and the student of Preparatory Department of IIIEIAS Sofia Daniela Maldonado Tiaguaro. The culture and geography of Cuba were discussed and a linguistic and cultural quiz was conducted.

The gymnasium students could ask questions and discuss the information in warm and amiable ambiance.


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