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Policy of open access

All the issues of the Bulletin are available for free at the Archive page.

The material of the web-page are allowed to be used under the license of  Creative Commons "Attribution" 4.0.

The authors retain the rights for the works and provide the Bulletin with the right for the first publication of their works under the automatic license of  Creative Commons "Attribution" 4.0.

The license allows for the distribution of the works on the condition of stating the author’s name and leaving a link for the original publication in this journal



Volume of the theses: from 1 to 3 pages. Volume of an article – up to 6 pages.

Format: .docx. Typeface – Times New Roman, 12 pt, single-line spacing, width alignment. Margins – upper/bottom – 2 cm each, inner – 1.5 cm, outer – 2 cm. Paragraph – 1.25 cm. Numbering and shifting of the text are not allowed. Alignment of the text with the help of spacing and tabulation is not allowed.

Name of the article: Times New Roman, 14 pt, bold, width alignment. Under the name author’s initials and surname, affiliation, educational stage (bachelor, master, post-graduate) and country (14 pt, left-side alignment) and the information of the supervisor must be stated.

Notes and footnotes are not allowed.

Examples: Times New Roman, 12 pt, width alignment, paragraph – 1.25 cm, separated from the text with preceding and following empty line.

Quotes: up to 4 lines – using the quotation marks (« »). If the quote is more than 4 lines, then Times New Roman, 11 pt, width alignment, paragraph – 1.25 cm, separated from the text with preceding and following empty line must be used.

All the references must be given in the body of the article in square brackets after the quotation or the example. Reference must contain author’s name, then the year of the edition, e.g. [Gonzalez García, 2008, c. 12]. The lists of references must be given after the body of the article in alphabetic order under the title “Sources and References”. Numeration must be done in hand, without automatic enumeration in the format of “number + full stop”, e.g. 1., 2., etc.

Annotation: 250-300 symbols, 12 pt, left-side alignment.

Authors are to be held accountable for the credibility of facts, quotes, names and other information. Incorrect quotation is not allowed.

Editorial Board can dismiss any material or request additional finalization of the material. Finalization is to be done in the smallest timeframe possible.



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