General Information

“Bulletin of Humanitarian Studies in Interdisciplinary Research Area” is issued once a year. It is issued in Russian, English and Spanish. Bulletin publishes results of original research in the sphere of humanities: articles of master students and post-graduates, theses of bachelor, master’s post-graduate students and young researchers, who took part in conferences of the International Institute for Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies. The Bulletin also publishes new articles in Russian in the spheres of philology, translation and intercultural communication.

The texts of articles and theses are published under the author’s editorship. The author and the supervisor are to be held accountable for the contents of the text (correctness of the factual information, statistical data etc.) and the correctness of the quotations.

Bulletin comprises such sections as:

  • Scientific articles
  • Theses of the reports of young researchers and post-graduates
  • Theses of the reports and the approbation of the results of scientific research of master’s students
  • Theses of bachelor students
  • The chronicle

This edition is aimed at the specialists in the sphere of humanities: researchers, teachers, post-graduates and students of language, pedagogical and socio-humanitarian programs of education.

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